Current list of committed vet's for reunion 2018

We will try to update this listing when others commit to attending the reunion in Mobile, AL.  also will list spouses if noted on their reply. At a future date we will distribute to those who have committed a E-Mail list of all committed vets so they can start planning with others.

Robert Raichle                        E/2/562                7/66 to 3/68                    Battery Control Officer

Harold Larson                         524th Ord.

Ed & Penny Hansen                a/2/562                mid 1964 - Feb 1966     IFC

Raymond & Alice Burrell        B/4/43                   1966 - 67                       Battery Command

Chet Kitchen                           C/4/43                  Oct 1962 to Oct.64       Launcher transfer to MP 

Barry & Peg Steele                B/2/562                4/68 to  10/69                MP (Dog Handler)

Robert Bishop                        A/2/562                1964 - 1965                    MP (Dog Handler)

Gordon Lunn                        HQ ARADCOM

Jim Biles                                B/2/562                1968 - 1970                    Battery XO

James Drake                        A/2/562                    1965 - 1967                MP

Roger & Karen Babler         A/2/562                    mid 1964 - Feb 1966    IFC

Jim Geminer & Wife            A&D/2/562                1-69 to 8-70            MOS  16C   

Jerald & Phyllis Peet          A/2/562                    1967                            Launcher  MOS 22F20  

Jim Drake                          A/2/562                    1965 - 1967                    MP  






Alaska Nike Vet’s Reunion

Colorado Springs CO. Oct. 10 - 12



Event Schedule

No schedule as of now